Prepare New York’s CoffeeHour Conversations are eye-openers.  The reason? Because we all hold biases or assumptions that we never stop to think about. It’s natural.
So, when you participate in a CoffeeHour Conversation, you get to stop and think about the issues (and the assumptions) that we usually don’t discuss in polite company. That’s why Tanenbaum, as a founding member and leader of the Prepare New York initiative, created easy to follow materials to answer the questions you’ve never asked out loud and to share some of the data that many of us find surprising.
Through Prepare New York, Tanenbaum offers Fact Sheets, Resource Lists, and Guidelines for conversations in schools, workplaces, houses of worship, community centers, and other environments where respectful curiosity can lead to a more peaceful future. 
These materials were created specifically for use in CoffeeHour Conversations, but they have many other uses: 

  • Learn about cultures and religions that are unfamiliar to you.
  • Explore topics including terrorism, bullying, and United States citizenship. 
  • Get answers to questions that you’re not sure can be asked respectfully, or answers that you wouldn’t know where to find otherwise.

Take a look and join the people and organizations devoted to education, interfaith dialogue, and intercultural peace building who have (and are currently) using these materials.  Take the time to peruse them and weave them into your everyday life!

Click here to visit Tanenbaum's website and download the Curriculum.